Investing in a home for your child studying overseas in Australia

  • Your child is or will be studying at one of the top universities of Melbourne: RMIT, Melbourne Uni, etc.
  • You are worried about your child’s safety and living condition in a foreign land
  • You want your child to have a home to lead a good life and a successful career

Look no further – 380 Melbourne is the place to be. Luxury apartment in the heart of Melbourne, where tranquility meets city lifestyle, this is the one choice that you will never regret to make for your children.

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I invest a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment for my daughter to study at RMIT University. I find that with the most central position of 380 Melbourne, my daughter can safely study and then work at the center for a long term. I am very pleased about 380 Melbourne. Thank you to Yarraland for advice on choosing an apartment and the location is very satisfactory.

Mrs Dan / Parents

I immigrated my whole family to Melbourne on a 188 visa. Through Australia I found that the outlying areas of the city were not very suitable for my family’s hobby of living in convenient, crowded and dynamic places. So I looked for an apartment in the heart of Melbourne. I was taken by Yarraland to see some other projects but I found this location to be the most central, high-quality apartment so I decided to buy, Now feel very satisfied.

Mr Huy / Australia settled

I migrated to 188 visa to Australia so I want to buy a house. I have bought a lot of houses to invest already, but personally I want to stay in the heart of Melbourne CBD. I quickly decided to buy the two most beautiful apartments of 380 Melbouren and put them into one to make a comfortable living space for the whole family in the future. I am very pleased because the project view is very airy and warm. Thanks Yarraland

Mr Truyen / Investors