Factors to consider before investing in Australian Real Estate

Today, the trend of foreign real estate investment in general and real estate in Australia in particular is of great interest to many Vietnamese. The Australian Government is also increasingly opening policies to encourage investment in real estate, making Australian real estate more attractive. However, in order to avoid unnecessary risks and make the right decision, investors should pay attention to the following points.

The purpose of ownership Real Estate Australia

First of all, determining the purpose of owning residential real estate, renting or buying to make a profitable investment … will help investors choose the right real estate and plan a reasonable use. In general, most Vietnamese investors buy real estate in Australia first of all to create peace of mind for the residence of international students (if having children studying abroad) and their families (when to migrate to Australia), limiting the risks of renting a place to live. In addition, it is the purpose of a lucrative investment, on the basis of rental housing and the steady growth of the Australian real estate market.

Suitable type of real estate

Next, whether it is for housing or for hoarding investments, investors need to determine which type of real estate is suitable for their needs and financial capacity. With a diverse range of investment properties, the Australian real estate market offers buyers a wide range of options such as apartments, townhouses, land plots or commercial real estate (centers). commercial offices, retail areas, hotels). In particular, the apartment is suitable for rental or living in bustling living environment, available facilities, near universities and using public transport. Investment apartments for rent are easy and high prices, but the profitability is not equal to housing. In contrast, isolated houses and houses will have the highest price expectations, but the rental price is often low. The townhouse is suitable for young families with few children living busy lives and wants a neat house with little care, suitable for students living with friends, relatively available utilities, public transportation. . The townhouse has a good balance between the two product lines, rental investment and increased prices are good.

Location that suits your demand

Another equally important factor that investors need to consider is location. The real estate in the heart of the CBD of the capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane is considered the most prime location when it is easy to access the countless utilities around with just a few steps. Therefore, these are also the most expensive real estate. In addition, depending on the purpose of use, investors can also consider investing in real estate in the vicinity, suburbs from the city center from 5 to 20 km with large land area; areas are being built by the government to build new economic and political centers. Projects with smooth transport systems with arterial roads and convenient public transport will be more appreciated.

380 Melbourne is one of the projects with prime locations

Real Estate Legal in Australia

In addition to the aforementioned factors, investors also need to understand and understand the Australian Property Investment Legislation for foreigners, and at the same time select a licensed, dedicated and extensive understanding, as well as always putting the interests of customers first.

Yarraland is confident with the responsibility of creating investment bridges for Vietnamese customers, not only for an investment but also for a long-term investment journey, including project investment.

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